What does “Value4Wool” stand for?

Value4Wool stands literally for value for wool and is the acronym for a project, which is funded by the European Union in the program “eco-innovation”.

Under the slogan “Boosting Green Business” it is about environmentally relevant projects for funding and strengthening of business ideas, which target on environmental protection, this means specifically that they are verifiable based on relevant indicators.

Project approach

For years the global trade of sheep wool is characterized by intense price slump. In particularly coarse fibrous, coloured and soiled wool sorts don’t have sales anymore in textile industry and even are a disposal problem! But as sheep wool contains important vegetable nutrition, ifn Anwenderzentrum GmbH developed a practicable fertilizer in pellet form out of the wool. The market launch takes place currently at first in Germany under the brand “floraPell®”.

But in European standard Germany is more of a little sheep country. In Great Britain, France and Spain the population is ten times bigger – and so is the wool stock.

Also in South-East-European countries the sheep breeding plays a big role historically. Furthermore these countries are strongly agriculturally characterized and therefore they need also fertilizer.
In conjunction with increasing awareness of healthy eating and the logical trend for ecological cultivation of fruits and vegetables the stakeholders see a huge development potential.

What do we want to achieve?

The idea to supply apparently worthless sheep wool into a practical use with the technology developed by ifn Anwenderzentrum GmbH will be technically improved and regional clusters should be initiated to collect sheep wool regionally, to process the wool and to put it on the market as high-quality fertilizer.

The processing of wool should take place either with the help of mobile production units or at stationary selected focuses. So large transport routes can be saved and important environmentally relevant indicators can be accomplished.
Furthermore regional materials cycles will be realized, so employment and income of people on-site will be ensured.

The consortium of the EU-project Value4Wool is composed of two Hungarian partners, one Austrian partner and one Spanish partner.
The ifn Anwenderzentrum GmbH is the lead company as applicant and contracting partner together with the agency EACI instructed by commission.

Project participants

Participants f.l.t.r:

Mr. Gabor Grasselli
Dipl. Phys. Edith Klingner
Mr. Janos Szendrei
Ms. Elena Ordiales-Rey
Ms. Rita Grosser
Dipl. Ing. Manfred Lanzke
Mr. Bernhard Protiwensky
Dipl. Ing. Linn Stephani
Mr. Sebastian Lorenz

Project duration

The project Value4Wool started on 01.11.2012 and runs over 30 months until 30.04.2015.


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