Functional building with integrated energy storage and structural components for self-sufficient provided settlement and “floating architecture”

The region

The region Lausitz (area between east Saxony and south Brandenburg) has been characterized over decades through brown coal surface mining for energy production. The consequences of numerous remaining holes of stripe mining and economic upheavals are on the one side structural weakness and on the other side the biggest artificial lake district of Europe.

Project proposal

In an alliance of companies and research institutions and as part of the Regional Growth Core autartec ifn Anwenderzentrum works on innovative solutions in areas of architecture, construction and installation engineering and landscape design.
Special issues are the development of:

- functional building
- integrated thermal electrical high-performance energy storage
- structural components for self-sufficient supply and disposal management

The aim is it to develop “autonomous” resource-saving infrastructure, which uses natural power, water, heat and cold sources directly in an efficient method and at the place of production, integrable into the architecture.

Know-how and technologies

Next to the coordination of projects ifn Anwenderzentrum focuses on the following two emphasis:

1. The development of innovative structural integrable PV and ICA functional components for electric supply system

  • pre-built, embedded PV system in combination with innovative material for extraction of PV power
  • integrated ICA technology for building services
  • management and operation of autonomous energy extraction, storage, water and waste water treatment system
  • system solutions for coverage of failure and redundancy issues
  • user-friendly and user-independent system management solutions
  • control modular unit and limit value monitoring
  • remote access and the implementation of experimental trail on the technology platform

2. Light weight construction process and elements for integration of technology components

  • development of light weight construction material with filler of different national and climate determining factors
  • light weight construction elements for integration of technology components (workable solution relevant to legal conditions)
  • development of basic technology for processing of industrial adhesive for textile-reinforced concrete
  • handling of process, energy and climate data in database
  • field test and data-based evaluation of integral systems

Project duration

The project is running from 1.9.2014 until 31.8.2017.


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